Study in UK for Indian Students

The UK is a very diverse country and welcomes students from all around the world. Study in UK from India, since you come from a country where English is spoken by the majority of the population. Indian students settle down rather fast here.

With the current changes in the UK visa rules which allow students pursuing courses in the UK from 2020 to 2021 to stay for 2 more years to work after they finish their education, there is bound to be a huge increase in students travelling to the UK for studies. Study in UK for Indian students after 12th is also available as is study in UK for Indian students after graduation.

Cost-effective tuition fees, robust scholarship and bursary options and strong infrastructure for learning and research are resulting in international enrolment in UK universities expanding by 3.6% year on year. Undergraduates can expect to pay around £10,000 - £38,000 in tuition fees. Study in UK for Indian students after graduation, would include post-graduate specialisations, the tuition fee varies depending on your course:

  • £14,100 (for classroom-based programs)
  • £21,700 (for clinical programs)
  • £16,200 (for laboratory-based programs)
  • £19,000 (for MBA related programs)

What to do on Arrival?

When you begin your study in UK from India, the first thing you should do is file within 24 to 48 hours with the Ministry of Internal affairs. This Registration will help you to legalize your stay in the country and later you can also get help in finding a temporary residency.

Moving Around! Here is what you should do

Most of the cities have a local bus service which is a very convenient way of travelling. If you would be travelling between your college and place of stay by buys it is better to get a student bus pass, saves money. Bigger cities have a subway system, similar to Tube in London or the Metro in Newcastle. You can yearly pass to minimize travelling expenses.

If you would be travelling mostly in London you can consider getting the Oyster card which can be used across various different modes of transport and saves you money.


Most international students who go to study in UK from India, live in university accommodation. Here they can often opt to live in catered halls which have a dining room where you can buy cheap meals or chose self-catered halls where they can cook their own food. Halls are safe and comfortable and provide good value for money. Offers services like wifi and insurance for furniture and fixtures. Most halls permit both female and male students however single-sex halls are also available. Some students go for private, rented accommodation after their first year to get a feel of life beyond campus. Most of the private student accommodations are furnished but you may have to carry your kitchen utensils and bedding.

Lately, private luxury accommodations are gaining popularity. They are fully furnished, come designer fixtures and fittings and have other amenities like cinema rooms, 24-hour security, fully equipped gyms and security services. Homestays are also an option to consider if you wish to know about the British way of life. You can contact homestay agencies which are registered with the British Council

Monthly Expenses

  • Accommodation: £535 (£640 in London)
  • Utility bills: £50
  • Mobile Phone: £10-30
  • Broadband internet: £20
  • Study materials: £60
  • Travel: £45 (£90 in London)
  • Groceries: £50
  • Typical night out: £30
  • Gig ticket: £5-45
  • Cinema ticket: £8-12

Health Insurance

Health insurance and medical coverage is mandatory for all international students traveling to UK make arrangements for private health insurance coverage in provinces in which international students are not covered under provincial health care plans

Provincial Health Care Covers basic and preventive medical services, as well as emergency care. Access these services once you have a valid study visa and a health care card

Apply and use your insurance card Obtain an application form online, or from a doctor's office or from a hospital. When applying for a card you will need identification – IDs can include passport, birth certificate, IMM5292 or a permanent resident card. Present it at the hospital to avail of the required treatment

Private Health Insurance Either from private health insurance or out of pocket - 30% of all health expenditure in UK is private. If you plan to travel, then you may require private health insurance because medical care offered in your territory may not be covered across other provinces

UK Weather

Weather in UK varies depending upon your place of stay. It is a huge country covering five time zones. Experience four distinct seasons winter, summer, spring, and fall. Spring can be cold, so it is best to pack heavier jackets and warm clothes. Even in summers, the nights tend to be colder, but the days are fairly hot. Temperatures in winter can go down as low as 27 degrees Fahrenheit or -3 degrees Celsius

Reasons to choose UK for Study

Know why UK is so popular with Indian students.

Hosting nearly half a million international students, UK is known to offer high quality education at affordable tuition fee with degrees that are globally recognised. Add to it, an excellent quality of life, immense post-study work and immigration opportunities - UK stands out as a popular country to study among Indian students.

Here are the top 8  Reasons why UK

1. Academic excellence

One of the most important reasons why students choose to study in UK is because of the high quality of education. When a student receives a degree from a Canadian university, it acts as a mark of trust and excellence. 26 of UK's universities rank in the QS World University Rankings 2019 and 27 of them in the THE World University Rankings 2019.

2. Ample research opportunities

One of the biggest reasons why Canadian education stands unique is because of its strong focus on research and development. If you're a research scholar, there can be no country better than UK. The government of UK offers great support to research in the disciplines of medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology.

3. Affordable, falls in budget

Tuition fee in UK, when compared to universities in the US and UK, is fairly cheaper. And when considering the return on investment, it is quite a viable option for Indian students. ??You can also apply to a range of scholarships to cut down on your educational expenses.

4. Cultural diversity

In UK, you'll find extremely warm and welcoming people who come from varied ethnic groups with different cultures and lifestyle. The multicultural environment in UK promotes friendliness and peaceful living like no other country. In fact, you will find a lot of Indians studying, working and living here. You can also experience festivals and rituals such as:

  • The Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Calgary Stampede
  • NHL Hockey
  • Experience "Poutine Week" – The blend of French fries, delicious gravy and cheese curd.
  • Just for Laughs comedy Festival in Montreal
5 Safe and peaceful

UK has been consistently ranked as one of the safest nations in the world. In 2018, the Global Peace Index*, listed UK as the sixth peaceful country across the globe. As international student, you'll enjoy the same rights as any other Canadian.

6. Earn while you learn

Thanks to its special regulations, UK provides all its international students with an opportunity to work for up to 20 hours every week during their semesters and full-time during the summer and winter breaks. To work on-campus or as an intern in any company, you would not require any additional work permit as your study permit is enough to help you find a part time job.

7. Vibrant and lively campus life

At all Canadian campuses you can expect events, fests, and other activities being conducted all through the year. This creates a happy and lively environment for all the students, helps you network and meet new people besides keeping the homesickness away.

8. Immigration opportunities

Canada's Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) allows students to stay and work in UK for up to three years after completion of their graduation. You can gain some international work experience and apply for permanent residency later on.

Fun facts about UK


Do a good deal and get a positive ticket. The police in UK can give you a "positive ticket" if they sight you doing something positive.


And you thought you had seen enough lakes? UK has more lakes than all the lakes combined in the world.


Planning to study in UK? Good choice; it is the most educated country in the world with more than half of its population having college degrees


UK hosts almost five million international students


Play hockey on the Atlantic Ocean. In Newfoundland, UK, the Atlantic Ocean sometimes freezes and that's what the locals choose to do with it.


The license plate in the north-western territories of UK are shaped like polar bears.

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