Post Visa Assistance

Even after receiving the visa there still remain a number of other aspects of the process that need to be taken care of before you can proceed with your immigration.  We make it a priority here, at KIA Consultant, to ensure that this transition is smooth for you. The client should face no hassles in terms of all the many ancillary tasks that still remain even after the immigration process is done. We have lined up a variety of post-visa services for our clients for even after they reach their desired destination.

Foreign Exchange

We can help you with all your foreign currency transactions by finding the right trustworthy foreign currency exchanger.


Universities and colleges usually provide on-campus accommodation, but it may sometimes be difficult to arrange. Once you land in a strange country, things can quickly begin to seem out of your control. Small things can go a long way in making you give a feel like home, and this is exactly what we endeavour to do at KIA. Our post-landing services are designed to provide you that peace of mind you desire when you first land at your dream destination.

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