5 Habits To Avoid While Studying Abroad

Once you have decided to study abroad, you need to prepare for all potential scenarios you may encounter. Although many positive experiences are waiting for you, it's also easy to find yourself helpless during your new adventure. Each of our international students sees the same experience differently because we are all impacted uniquely by the challenges of living in a new country, meeting new people and keeping up with an unknown academic environment.

Today's post focuses on avoiding five habits while studying abroad. Come, let's take a look.


It is tempting to go on a shopping spree, but you need to spend in moderation. Purchase items that serve you daily. Try to save money by eating out once in a while and cooking for yourself. Remember the saying - a penny saved is a penny earned.


You still have to communicate a lot with your fellow students; some can become your real friends while others can be useful acquaintances beneficial for your future career. Parties can be the right way to make friends as long as you are cautious. Volunteering, playing sports and amateur activities like student theatre help you to get in touch with other students. Life is always better with friends.


The opportunity to study abroad is one of the most exciting; you can't ruin it with any prejudices (like thinking the locals won't be kind to you) or fear of the language barrier. The experience is not just going to university but letting a different culture and different people teach you something valuable.


Planning each step of your stay abroad will bring you nothing but disappointment as you will not be able to stick to a stringent plan. What's more, too much attention to your journey's details can make you paranoid and ruin all your fun. Don't let your desire to control everything influence what will arguably be the best experience in your life.


Keep in mind that if you are of age, drinking on special occasions can be accepted. However, it should not be part of your routine. Drinking too excess is not a good idea. The best piece of advice is to be reasonable and responsible.

We, at KIA Consultant, can help you immensely in adjusting abroad. For complete details, kindly get in touch with one of our counsellors.



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