Questions to ask before starting your Study Abroad Journey

Are you planning to get help from a counsellor to guide you in your study abroad journey?
But what questions would you ask when you actually meet them?
When you come prepared with questions, knowing what to ask your educational counselor helps speed up the process and show the clarity you have about your plans.

If you are at the preliminary stage of planning your overseas education journey, you have yet to decide on a destination and university. Understandably, you might not have clarity on the entire process.
There are so many questions you can ask, such as:

  • What qualifications are required to study abroad?
  • How do I decide which country to choose?
  • What kind of college and university can I apply to?
  • What type of English Proficiency tests should I take to study abroad?

Starting planning one year in advance is always advisable. An early start will help you manage your finances, organize your time better, and meet universities' deadlines so that you can transform your dreams into reality.

Again, there are several questions you must ask while applying. These include:

  • What documents do I need to study overseas?
  • Which is the best intake to get admission?
  • What is the importance and layout of SOP and LOR?
  • What type of accommodation can I look for?

Studying abroad can become expensive if you are looking for a destination that does not fit your budget. However, studying abroad could be affordable if planned well. If you apply for scholarships or education loans at the right time, you can save yourself from the financial burden of studying abroad.


  • Can studying abroad be expensive?
  • How much should I save to study abroad?
  • How should I manage my expenses?


Successfully submitting an application might not mean the end of worries for some. Your concerns would be multi-fold ranging from students worrying about whether they will be accepted to their dream university/college or whether they will manage to find a job.
At KIA Consultant, we understand the various confusions and trepidations that students planning to study abroad face. This is why we look forward to answering all your career-related queries with in-depth information. Feel free to discuss all your dilemmas with our counsellors.



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