Tactics to write an impressive introduction in ielts writing task 2?

Introduction is very important

For the majority of IELTS aspirants, writing task is quite easier as compared to other three categories of IELTS exam. Have you ever wondered why? It seems quite an apparent fact that writing task is less challenging because all the candidates can express their thoughts and opinions easily in essay writing. However, the fact remains that writing task is tricky and complex. Therefore, it is imperative to start with an impressive, knowledgeable and engaging introduction. Introduction is what leaves a long-lasting impact on the reader and to make it impactful, there are certain techniques or strategies to write an impressive introduction for IELTS Writing task 2. Some of the important techniques are mentioned below.

1. Analyze the Task

Before one begins with the writing of Introduction, their first priority should be to analyze the question or task that is being assigned to them. To write an effective introduction take some minutes to analyze and understand the question and what exactly you will write in it to make it impressive for the reader or examiner.

2. Start with General Statement

Quite often, every introduction begins with the general statement and then it continues with the specific questions in detail. The statement which is written should be relevant to the text given in the question.

3. Change the Order of Information

The given words must be taken as the cues only and if you copy the content or words from the given question, then it can negatively affect your IELTS Band score. Thus, make sure that you change the order of the information which incudes adding more adjectives and adverbs as incorporating a different set of vocabulary in the paraphrasing or you can simply use your own words to make your essay an impactful one. In addition, you can choose the synonym of the words to exhibit your vocabulary entirely in your essay.

4. Brief Description about Essay

Moving further there is one more significant strategy for writing an Introduction which is to explain what you will be covering in the essay, but it should be in brief. This tactic will make your essay writing in an organized and hierarchical manner, which make your examiner to understand and analyze your thought process and what important pointers you will be covering.

5. Examine your Introduction

Once the essay is completed, just make sure to examine thoroughly your introduction part. It's significant to ensure that you have covered every pointer in your essay that you have mentioned in the introduction. This is always advisable to revise your introduction to score well in the Task response parameter. To conclude, these were 5 substantial tactics to write an impressive Introduction in IELTS writing task 2. If you are looking for IELTS training, then you can simply contact KIA Consultant To get the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, KIA Consultant is definitely a sole solution as the highly experienced educators’ team will provide you with the best of knowledge and understanding to get a higher band score in IELTS exam.



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